how does it work?

As a non paying/free member of this entitles you to register and post as many "Need  or Have Fill" listings as you want, however you will not be able to see other members contact information. If you would like to see other members contact information to speed the process of getting what you need, you must choose from one of the paid membership options. {A minimum of one month.}

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As a registered paying member of you can post unlimited listings for "Need or Have Fill". All listings and contact information will be available for your review to enable direct contact and dealings with the other members.

if i sign up, will my personal information or property information be publicly displayed, sold, or used for purposes other than my listing?
Absolutely not. Your fill site information will remain private, it will only be disclosed to those serious enough to sign up and search the listings. The information is stored simply to link you two together. It will never be sold to advertisers or provided to anyone without your specific consent.

When you pay, it is done through the proven secure transaction provider - Paypal. Credit card information is NOT stored at - Paypal controls and secures the transaction.

Suggested Procedures is proud to bring people together to solve both of their clean fill needs! In order to effectively do this, everyone needs to know what they have and what they need in specific terms. This includes the job location, the number of cubic metres, type of fill, price per cubic meter and the timelines.

The party receiving the fill is responsible for the following;

a) The exact location the fill is to be dumped at. This can be done via e-mails, phone calls or site visits in person.
b) All appropriate and legal permit(s) are obtained as needed
c) Inspection of the fill prior to the dumping (or while dumping) to ensure that it is what you wanted.
d) Any other pertinent details as required, such as times available for dumping, procedures for gate admittance etc. to be outlined to the party with the fill.

The Party having/hauling the clean fill

a) Use the designated access location and times for dumping
b) Keep the access area (streets, laneways etc.) clean of mud, debris or other matter and clean up as agreed upon prior by both parties.
c) Ensure that there are no unwanted materials in the dump loads such as stumps, concrete pieces or asphalt unless this is agreed upon or arranged prior.


Non Compactable Fill All Compactable Fill   Compactable Rock  All Topsoil 
  • Sand
  • Sand Clay
  • Clay
  • Clean Fill
  • Rough Fill
  • Gravel, pit run/crusher run
  • Recycled Asphalt 
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Recycled Base Material  
  • Topsoil-Nice  
  • Topsoil-Average
  • Topsoil-economy
  • Peat


  • River rock
  • Rip Rap
  • Boulders
  • Decorative Rock
  • Wood chips
  • Asphalt Mix
  • Mulch  
  • Demolition Materials
  • Asphalt Chunks
  • Concrete Chunks
  • Concrete Ready Mix


Streamline your business solutions; add as another “tool” in your company’s tool box. The bonus you get is 24/7 access.  You get it on demand, when you want it. So let be the new tool to solve all your clean fill needs through our effective on-line solution.  LOGIN | REGISTER


can i really get free dirt?
Yes – Some contractors will deliver material at no charge, and others may deliver for a fee. Typically the prices, if any, will be lower than retail. Arrangements regarding delivery, timing, pricing, etc. are made directly between you and the other members. If a contractor has excess material that needs to be moved soon, they are more likely to deliver free if you are close. It all comes down to supply, demand, timing, distance and kind of material.

The most common kind of material to get free is “Clean Fill” or “Rough Fill”. Free compactable, topsoil, rock, or specialty products are much harder to come by because these are more of a commodity. These types of material are available; they just might be harder to get free.

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Let the contractors in the business of moving fill find you faster and easier. No more waiting for them to happen to see a fill wanted sign on the side of the road. Post your request for clean fill where it will be seen 24/7. Get clean fill faster.


use this section when you are tendering a job or on a job site that has too much fill.
Sometimes taking your clean fill to the gravel pit or the dump doesn’t always make sense, financially or logistically, when you could find a project site or just someone closer willing to take fill. (Maybe even buy your excess fill or pay you for delivering it to them!) People helping people recycle and re-use.  

search need fill listings:
Don’t miss out on the power of internet advertising to increase your bottom line. It is your best solution for saving time, manpower and most of all money.

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You have the job, you have excess clean fill. Save time and money and post it where other contractors, site supervisors and those who need clean fill can find you fast, 24/7. Get the loads moving faster.

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